Intensive Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Dharma offers a range of yoga teacher training courses, from the 200-hour foundation course up to a 1000 hours masters yoga teacher training certificate. This intensive option is a 15-day residential yoga teacher training course from our centre in Bulgaria.

The 15-day intensive yoga teacher training course will immerse you on an in-depth journey of change and evolution. The 15 days includes 180 contact hours, which is divided into modules covering every aspect of a Yoga Alliance accredited certificate.


Your course includes all aspects of teaching yoga and includes: class planning, teaching methods, applied anatomy and physiology, the yoga philosophy of Patanjalis Sutras, The Baghavad Gita and an introduction to the Yoga Yajnavalkya. We discuss the history of yoga through its earliest records from the Vedic period.

We study the gross body of the Enteric Nervous system, the Cardio Vascular System and The Central Nervous System. We take an in-depth look of the subtle body of the Nadis, Chakras, Bandhas, Granthis, Koshas and Vayus.  This is done through presentations, workshops and applying it in our practice.

We practice class planning through Vinyasa Krama, which is the art of intelligent sequencing of postures. We study the history of Vinyasa Krama which has its roots in the history of yoga. We learn that the word Vinyasa, has little to do with flowing, and has a far deeper meaning.

Promoting your self as a yoga teacher will be essential if you are going to seek work or set your self up as a self-employed yoga teacher. At Yoga Dharma we teach you how to market yourself ethically and effectively, this is done through workshops and written excises. To promote yourself it is essential to know what is unique about you. Through a series of exercises you will discover your uniqueness, and how you can use this to promote yourself with integrity and productively.

We learn a full range of adjustments using the standing and seated postures from the Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary series. We learn how to adjust postures within a group setting while adapting postures to individuals. We understand the alignment and anatomy of postures, making our adjustments safe and effective to a range of body types and needs. Your adjustment portfolio will include hands on adjustments, with or without props, and verbal adjustments. You will be confident in teaching from your mat and observing, walking through your class while instructing and adjusting, or demonstrating first.

You will practice and learn how to teach classic Pranayama techniques. While developing our own practice you will also learn how to introduce and teach a range of basic breathing techniques to a class at beginner level.

Acquiring the skills to stand out in a variety of settings will give you the confidence to teach with flair and enthusiasm. You will develop the ability to think on your feet, and to be able to react positively to any situation. You will shine out among your peers.

Teaching yoga successfully and with compassion forms the bedrock of all our courses. You will learn and practice implementing a range of contraindications supporting all the techniques learnt during your course. Everybody is different, and it Is vital that we learn to teach to individuals, even in a group setting.

The Yoga teacher training programs run by Yoga Dharma will equip you with the skills to run your own unique, rewarding and successful yoga classes.