The 300-hour teacher training course stands out as a bench mark. This Yoga Dharma teacher training program will substainlity increase your level of knowledge, evolving you into the next level of yoga teacher. Combined with your 200-hour foundation certificate you will be a 500 hour leading yoga teacher and an expert in your field.

The Subtle Body

Connecting to the subtle body creates a transformational experience. Accessing the source will shift your level of consciousness to a new level. This course probes deeply into the subtle body by integrating more of our it into our practice on a deeper level. Weaving the bandhas, Swadhi, Nabhi and Hri with Mulha and Uddiyana, not only take your physical practice to new levels, they will open the door to the matrix.


Your knowledge of Anatomy will become more refined. Learn about the connective tissue facia, and how it may affect our practice in a profound way. Your expertise in anatomy becomes more precise and focused, targeting areas such as the shoulder girdle, knee structure and hips, and we learn how to use this new knowledge as a teacher.


One of the core fundamentals of this course is developing a working knowledge of bandhas beyond the basic three. Apart from those discussed already, this course incorporates a much wider use and awareness.  


Aligning your body by implementing the full range of core bandhas, changes our awareness of posture. It takes understanding of alignment deeper and as a result it becomes more profound. You develop a three-dimensional understanding of alignment and posture.

On a practical level we study the alignment of asanas from Bhujapidasana up to Kapotasana. This will include modifications, remedies for preparing the body safely and contraindications.

Philosophy & Literature

We begin a more profound exploration of the Yoga Sutras and The Bhagavad Gita through presentation, guided readings, self-study and discussions. Our teaching becomes broader as we mature from a teacher of yoga classes to a presenter of workshops and events.

Integral to the 300-hour course is research and study. You will begin a year long project which culminates in a 120-minute workshop presentation. The course will prepare you in a step by step process becoming confident and assured workshop leader.

300 Hour Programme

300 Hour Programme

Below is an example timetable for a 300 Hour Teacher Training weekend.

300 Hour Calendar

300 Hour Calendar

Below are the current dates for the 500 hour teacher training programme.

The new course begins 20th-21st April 2019.

300 Hour Application

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