The following are the 200 Hour Teacher Training Course confirmed weekend dates.

September 23rd - 24th
October 14th – 15th
November 25th – 26th
December 16th – 17th
January 20th-21st
Febuary 24th-25th
March 17th-18th
April 28th-29th
May 19th-20th
June 23rd-24th
July 28th-29th
August 18th-19th
September 29th-30th
October 13th-14th
November 17th-18th
December 15th-16th
January 19th-20th
Febuary 23rd-24th
March 30th-31st
April 27th-28th
May 18th-19th
June 22nd-23rd
July 13th-14th
August 17th-18th
September 28th-29th
October 12th-13th
November 16th-17th
December 14th-15th
January 18th-19th
Febuary 22nd-23rd
March 14th-15th