The weekend modules run from 09:00-18:00. The course will equip you a high degree of knowledge and the skills to run successful and rewarding meditation classes. As an existing teacher, it will add substantially to your knowledge base and skill level. This course will set you apart from your peers.

The course teaches yoga meditation, which is in line with our sutric philosophy, and our hatha foundations. It is our belief that for meditation to be authentic it needs to follow a tradition and be consistent.

Your weekends will include:

  • Exploring ‘The History of Meditation’ presentation
  • Exploring contemporary scientific evidence:  Harvard University
  • Correct posture & alignment
  • Teaching practise
  • Class room assisting
  • Assessing & cultivating a regular self practise
  • Developing a dharana practise. How to cultivate concentration
  • Why shouldn’t we meditate, or what can go wrong. Contraindications
  • Anuloma viloma: third eye activation
  • Eastern meditation, Western meditation: Sure Ways to self Realisation
  • Laya yoga techniques. Kundalini Tantra
  • Anatomy of a seated posture
  • The Subtle anatomy
  • Sanskrit alphabet/chant
  • The yogic concept of mind
  • Manas, buddhi & ahamkara
  • Pratyahara, dharana & samadhi
  • Subjective samadhi/objective samadhi
  • 12 part breath
  • Mindfulness. Can there be a generic one style fits all meditation?
  • Muladharha chakra & the third eye
  • How to answer questions: my knees hurt, my mind wont stop working, my back hurts
  • Self awareness. The field & the knower
  • Bhagavad Gita on meditation
  • Granthis, psychic knots
  • Mind body connection: Bressel Van Der Kolk
  • The ethics of teaching meditation
  • Kapalabhati, bhastrika & agnisar kriya
  • Nadi shodan

Each weekend will include course homework, which will be a combination of practical and written. You will be given the opportunity to assist and lead live meditation classes.

Each weekend will include course handouts and full support throughout the course and beyond.