Yoga Dharma Bulgaria is set within a huge nature reserve located in the Balkan mountain range. You will experience unparalleled levels of peace and tranquillity, with no roads and few neighbours. Each day you will wake to stunning views across the Balkans, amid a calm setting.

Our centre has everything you need for the perfect yoga holiday. We have our own grounds and orchard. The main garden has a pool and decking. The yoga studio is in our converted traditional barn. The menu is nurturing vegan/vegetarian organic and locally sourced. The garden is full of mature trees and is South facing, making it sunny all day.

The centre is fully equipped for your stay. The rooms can be single or shared and are en suite. The cellar is a cool space on warm days and is made up of natural local stone, local timbers make the ceiling. There are videos and a small library. You can visit local places of interest and beauty, such as local monasteries and water falls and spa resorts.

The combination of a fresh organic local diet, tranquil surroundings and under Frans expert tuition you will experience the transformational effects of a stay at Yoga Dharma Bulgaria.

bgm3During your stay, you will be offered the opportunity to experience the local culture. Bulgaria has a rich history, starting with the original peoples called the Bulgars, who it is said come from the middle east, and can trace their ancestry back to Vedic times. There are Thracian sites all over Bulgaria, as well as Roman remains.

Yoga Dharma is set in the Balkan mountain range, which stretches from the border with Serbia, and goes all the way to The Black sea. We are in spa country, which attracts visitors from all over Europe.

Bulgaria still has working monasteries everywhere, and there are several close to us. One, Dryanovo monastery is a site we visit. It is situated within an ancient area which was inhabited by stone age people. The area is surrounded by magnificent waterfalls and is a favourite place for rock climbers. As well as visiting the monastery, you can explore the caves once used by early Neolithic people. There are many walks, and we can refresh ourselves in the cafes in the forests and listen to the sounds of the water cascading over rocks in the river bed.

bgk3The small village of Vlagvetsi is close by, where the river is easily accessible. It’s a perfect place to sit and relax on a warm day. The river is fed by the mountain streams, so the water is pure and clear and is a great place to swim.

High up in the mountains, is a major junction where the paths that run east to west and north to south converge. These paths traverse the length and breadth of Bulgaria, and you can if you wish walk all the way from Spain to the Black sea. It is a place of beauty, where many people converge. There is a wonderful café  where we can watch the world go by, and take a walk up into the mountain.

bgv2The nearest city is Veliko Tarnovo, which by our standards is small. The population of Bulgaria is only about 5 million, and two thirds of the country is still forest. Veliko is a cosmopolitan town with visitors from around the world. It has a rich history, and retains many medieval areas of the original city. You can visit the castle, the gift shops, or the local markets. You will find many modern cafes, with lunch from as little as £3.

Apart from the amazing yoga and our wonderful centre you get an insider’s view of the local areas and culture. We set up Yoga Dharma BG 12 years ago, and we have built up considerable knowledge of the people and the history of this ancient area. You won’t be disappointed.