The way to slow the fluctuations of the mind is by controlling the breath. We learn to control the breath with exercises know as pranayama.

Pranayama clears the emotional and physical blocks in the body, which accumulate as we develop patterns of behaviour. The practice of pranayama frees up the energy  channels in the body known as nadis, allows prana (life force) to flow more productively, with regular practice this is highly energising.

In this class we will practice various types of pranayama, and this can be as simple as an equal inhale and exhale. With practice we include controlled breath retention, which has a very calming effect on the mind. When we take control of the breath, we take control of our emotions and emotional reactions.

We all need a constant supply of fresh oxygen, and pranayama exercises will help us make the most of every bit of oxygen. The quality of our breath is vital to good physical and mental health. Learning how to extend our breath, and then hold the breath in, allows the body to take up more oxygen, and  in the process expel more carbon dioxide.

The class will always be aimed at the individual, so whether you are a complete beginner, or an experienced practitioner, the class will be relevant.

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