A beginner’s class will work on preparatory breathing and stretching exercises. A class will often start with basic breathing awareness techniques, and floor based stretches. This will prepare us for seated stretches and or some basic standing postures.


Our beginner’s classes will always allow for individual assessment and adjustment. You will be given individual modifications as needed. You may be offered props to protect and advance where needed. Our beginner’s classes are inclusive and will be structured to meet individual needs, within a group setting.

Some of our beginner’s classes are remedial in nature, so are suitable if you are recovering from an injury or are post hospital treatment (check with your doctor first) It is important to keep the body moving and functioning, if it is appropriate to the needs. Our teachers undergo our own rigorous teacher training program, so are equipped to offer appropriate advice and assistance to the individual.

The beginners class will always conclude with a deep relaxation period. This will often include a guided visualisation, where the student is taken into a state of blissful relaxation. This stage of the class is also important for full assimilation.

You will leave feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Martin Thompson.

Beginners Remedial/Restorative: is suitable for students in recovery from injury and those wishing to restore back to full health or fitness. This class will be mostly or completely floor based, or chairs can be used if required.