Yoga Dharma Teacher Training Nottingham and East Midlands

Yoga Dharma Teacher Training for Nottingham and the East Midlands starting April 2019Yoga Dharma courses are recognised internationally and accredited by Yoga Alliance International and Yoga Alliance.

Yoga Dharma Teacher Training set the highest standards and has trained hundreds of teachers with successful careers.

12 Weekend Modules

Set over 12 weekend modules the course weaves together the different aspects of teaching yoga, and we welcome student teachers of all varying abilities and experience. We encourage and support students to connect with their unique voice and personality. We build upon your existing practice and provide the knowledge and expertise to further it.


Upon successful completion you will receive a Yoga Dharma 200 Hour Teacher Training Certificate. With 20 years experience running teacher training courses you are safe in the hands of experts.

Course Tutors

Your course director and principle trainer, Martin Thompson, has a lifetime of yoga experience to call on. His personal practice began over 45 year ago and he has been running Yoga Dharma for nearly 20 years. Yoga Dharma supplies the highest standards of teaching, which is promoted in their teacher training courses in the UK and Europe, as well as their yoga studios.

yoga dharma teacher training nottingham east midlands
yoga dharma teacher training

Comprehensive immersion

A Yoga Dharma Teacher Training course is a comprehensive immersion into the technical, practical, and subtle aspects of yoga. The course will include:

  • Practical aspects of class planning and teaching
    • Adjusting and aligning posture
    • Applied anatomy
    • Mapping and applying the subtle body
    • Chakras, bandhas, nadis, mudras, granthis, vayus and koshas
    • Detailed introduction into the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
    • The yoga concept of mind, kleshas, kriya, Pratyahara, Dharana & Dhyana
    • The Bhagavad Gita and the Yoga Yajnavlkya
    • The history of yoga including its origins and the four ages of yoga
    • Pranayama techniques for teaching and personal practice
    • Ethical marketing with the Yamas and Niyamas
    • Comprehensive course handouts and manual


Your knowledge of the practical and philosophical aspects of yoga will set you apart from your peers, enabling you to run successful and rewarding yoga classes. Whatever your reason for joining this course, it will be an enlightening, enriching and consciousness expanding journey. This course is designed for those who wish to immerse themselves in the heart of yoga, whether or not they wish to go on to teach.


Yoga Dharma has the team, the infrastructure and the expertise, built over many years to ensure this course meets individual needs.

Course dates

Yoga Dharma TEACHER TRAINING offer a range of courses for all needs:

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