martin-adjustingLet us look after YOU!

For a limited time you can register for your free one to one assessment with Martin. Your assessment will last between 15 & 20 minutes, in which time you will receive a thorough assessment of your needs.

Have you been considering starting a yoga class and not sure if its right for you. Then this is the perfect opportunity for you. Maybe you have just put off coming in because everyone looks like an expert. Well, this is a risk free opportunity, and you get to try on your own first. Maybe you are already practising, and experiencing problems, or need expert advise on how to adjust postures for specifically for you.

The assessment will begin with a brief overview of your history, and any health considerations. Usually the assessment will begin a with a postural audit. You may not be aware how many negative knock on affects there are linked to poor postural alignment. For instance poor posture will affect how we breath , and affecting how oxygen is then assimilated by the body. If we are not re oxygenating the body adequately, then it follows we are not fully discharging toxins.

Poor posture will cause low back pain, and can affect digestion as well. The reasons will be fully explained during your assessment, along with remedies to make lasting change.

Martin has a personal practise of over 40 years. He is director of Yoga Dharma teacher training, and has been training yoga teachers for 10 years. He is an expert at assessing individual needs, that makes real and lasting change.

You can book your free assessment now by calling: 07787357306