Yoga Classes in Southend at Yoga Dharma

Yoga Dharma based in Southend on Sea, offers yoga classes for all levels. Whether you are a beginner or more experienced there is a yoga class for you. Yoga Dharma is Southends first Yoga Studio and has been offering Yoga to the local community for 15 years.

We offer yoga classes seven days a week, and with as many as seven classes per day we by far offer the most comprehensive range of classes daily.  The team at Yoga Dharma are led by Martin and Fran Thompson, and they both have a lifelong practice. Martin began his yoga journey over 45 years ago, with Fran just a couple of years less.


The teachers at Yoga Dharma Southend are all trained in our own yoga teacher training school. We have been training yoga teachers for 13 years, and many of the teachers you meet locally were trained by us. We only keep the cream of the crop here at Yoga Dharma, and they all work under the close supervision of Fran and Martin.

The centre manager is Lola Lewis, who over sees the daily schedule. Lola came to us after she broke her back in a riding accident. Fran has mentored her through the recovery period, till she now is back in full time work. She is currently undertaking her 1000-hour yoga teacher training course and assists on the 200-hour yoga teacher training courses.

The rest of the team behind Yoga Dharma Southend, all have many years personal practice, and keep up a regular self-practice. They all come with their own specialities and uniqueness.

The Yoga Dharma Teacher Training school offers a range of courses from 200 hours up to 1000 hours. We specialise in high quality courses and apply high standards. Our courses are recognised worldwide by the Yoga Alliance International and Yoga Alliance USA. If you want to train as a yoga teacher, a yoga meditation teacher or a teacher of pranayama then we have a course for you. Our 1000-hour certificate will raise your status to a Master of Teaching Yoga. This qualification is one of the highest available in the UK.

Yoga Dharma Southend has a sister centre Yoga Dharma BG in Bulgaria. We run yoga holidays and teacher training there on a residential basis. Yoga Dharma BG is in a stunning area of outstanding beauty and nature.

There are two studios at Yoga Dharma Southend, and we have a peaceful garden. We not only run the biggest timetable of classes in Southend, we have may social events, for the team and our loyal students. I would lkie to say thank you to our students, a lot of them have been with us from the beginning. Without them none of this would be possible. Its good to see so many yoga students who are not swung by fads and gimmicks. We firmly believe in Yoga Without Compromise.

Yoga Dharma Southend is a happy community of yoga seekers, who are ready to greet new members into our community.

Yoga Dharma was set up as a place to live and practice yoga. It continues to thrive in the face of yoga fads and fancies. We believe yoga is for all bodies not just the young and bendy.

Join us!

Martin Thompson